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    McAfee Endpoint Encryption is not working in USB Hard drive

      I installeed McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders Removable Media (EEFF  RM) which is available in our office.

      Without knowingly i installed this as weekly software update happen in our office.

      I restart the PC and connected my 320 GB USB hard disk, a popup window asked me to encrypt the drive, by mistake i click ok and enter the password and reconfirm the password and click on the the Initialize button, with in few sec i stopped the Initialize.

      I safely remove and USB hard disk and reconnect once again, again it asked for encrypt the drive i clicked ok and gave the password and start the initialize that time i saw only 1 MB file was initialised.

      When i try to open the hard disk by entering the password i can see only the McAEEF.exe and Autorun.inf file only there is no other file.


      is there a way how to view all my encryped files.


      Please help me