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    Which SSD are "compatible" with EEPC 5.2.5 ?



      We have some of out top managers who are asking to install on their laptop a SSD drive.

      As far as the McAfee KB66256 says, the performence issue should be due to the SSD firmware and the SSD itself.


      So does anybody has a kind of list of whish SSD is working fine with EEPC 5.2.5 ?


      Link to KB:





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          FWIW, I opened a ticket with Gold Support about this, and the response back was "We don't recommend hardware vendors", and the ticket was closed. I've been working on escalating this through the account management team for about a month now. Not very happy.


          While I understand the "recommendation" response, the least McAfee could do is share some of the information they have with customers, under an NDA portion if they feel it's necessary.


          With the recent Intel purchase, I would venture to guess that buying Intel manufactured SSDs will probably be a safe bet.

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            All SSD's are "compatible" - they are after all pin-compatible with magnetic drives. The performance though depends on how good the wear leveling algorithm on the drive is.


            If you want to keep performance high, don't partition the whole drive - leave some slack space. That way poor wear leveling algorithms won't have a problem.

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              contrary to popular belief, hardware vendors don't send software vendors samples of their devices.


              Of course, if you want to send me a box of SSD's, I'd be happy to performance test them for you - we have a "non-return" policy though..

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                A small comment about Intel communication: It is not better... We had requested information some month ago about Wireless Chipsets and Intel ProWireless software technical details, or changes between 2 versions, and the response from Intel was almost the same as you had...

                And I full agree that in some points the vendors should provide a bit more details to whom are interrested for. ==>POINT CLOSED


                Now coming back to SSD. We had recently a workshop with a McAfee consultant and he already told us at that time there was some issue in SSD that will first be solved in the V6, then implemented (but not at the same time) in V5. Unfortunately that's the only info we have.


                To compare (it's only a comparision...) Synology (for those who know about it) provide a harddisk compatibility list, and also a separate list where users can provide feedback with Harddisk they personally have tested with which Synology product. This help a lot to define which harddisk we will use in which product...


                Now in facvt this is exactly what I would need for EEPC... Because we start to have a lot of request to buy the new laptops with SSD drives. And almost all these laptop's users are managers who need to have EEPC installed.


                So if anybody has at least a couple SSD brands/models that have been successfuly tested under the latest EEPC, I take it....

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                  you need to define "successfully" more - SSD's are pin-compatible with normal drives, they are electrically and logically identical. EVERY SSD will work in every situation that a normal drive works in.


                  The only difference is poor wear leavling algorithms slow the drive down when the data written approximates the capacity (NOT the data stored, the data written) - of course encryption writes a whole drive worth of data..


                  so, the slow performance you would see on an SSD after a year or so of use (assuming you use an OS without "Trim"), will show up straight away after encryption.


                  Sorry, we simply don't maintain a list of SSD's we have tested against, because we don't specifically test against them - there should be no reason to.

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                    Sorry, we simply don't maintain a list of SSD's we have tested against, because we don't specifically test against them - there should be no reason to.

                    I understand, however it's clear from the published KB that McAfee *has* specifically tested against some, and found poor performance. Before we start buying SSDs  and testing ourselves, the least McAfee could do is narrow our pool of SSDs to test.

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                      I think you understand that we can't publish "this SSD from xxx sucks" type messages, especially when the only solution would be for xxx to re-engineer their design.


                      I will say though, that the ones we tested, you can't buy any more, and of the ones you can buy, they are all pretty much as good as each other. Just stay with the known brands.


                      Finally, if you want to be sure of good performance, as I said at the begining, simply don't partition the whole unit (or don't encrypt all the partitions...)

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                        THANK YOU!  That's some action-able information right there!  Was that so hard? Or is it a question of getting to someone high up enough to share enough information to let us move forward?


                        I don't think we can leave partitions unencrypted, however the option to not partition the whole drive may be workable.

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                          Just wait - I'm sure the trolls are busy stocking up on snacks and drinks so they can slam me with some "we pay you enough - you should go buy/test every device made/ever going to be made right now" argument....

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