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    EEPC possible bug

      Ok this is rather obtuse but I want to see if others are seeing the same behavior I am seeing on my systems.  Do the following on a system with EEPC installed (have validated with versions and 5.2.5):


      1. Login to machine successfully and be able to use properly.

      2. Press (Windows-L) to lock the machine

      3. Press CTRL-ALT-DELETE to start unlock process

      4. type in username and password, but do not press enter to finish process

      5. Press ESC

      6. Press CTRL-ALT-DELETE to start unlock process again

      7. Observe that username and password are already input to appropriate fields

      8. Press enter to login successfully (assuming that username and password were entered properly)


      I have seen this behavior on Windows 7 64bit machines but not XP Pro.  While this is only a possible security issue if you type in your credentials properly and then cancel out of the login, it is a corner case that should not happen.


      Curious if others are seeing this too.  Already reported to support, but they are "not able to reproduce the issue" however they may not have tested with W7 64bit.