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    recover blocked attachments


      Is there any way to keep the “drop part” attachments somewhere for further investigation by the administrator?




      Case study:


      •   By default all attachments are dropped (for the user) BUT quarantined
      •   .doc, .ppt, .txt, .xls are explicitly allowed;




      In other words, if a someone receives an email with permited and allowed attachments (.zip, .txt, .doc, .xls, .exe), it will receive the email with the allowed attachments (.txt, .doc, .xls). If the user calls the administrator, the admin will be able to recover the blocked attachment.





      I tried all kinds of mixed policies with drop/copy/quarantine/pass through from attachemnt and envelope analysis, but with no succes. Is there a way to comply with the above scenario?

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          I found a workaround using the message archive - Immediate via email, so all emails (including attachments) will be found later in a mailbox.

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            This is a pain point here as well.


            We want to quarantine the emails and provide an alert to the user.  This can be done, but the information you can provide to the user is too limited (basically just header type info) and there is no way to include the original body text to assist the user in determining if the attachment was legitimate and needed.


            The ability to forward the message with the dropped part, and also quarantine the original at the same time, would be very helpful.