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    Scheduled Scan-Not working

      I recently purchased a new laptop(and renewed my subscription) and installed my licence on the system.I set up my scheduled scan and i far as i can remember it was working until a few days ago.When the time comes to scan nothing happenes and when i go into check the time though i know the time it has pushed on 10 minutes extra and after those ten minutes doing happens either.I have two other subscriptions on my account for family members and only one of them is reporting the same problem as me.Is it affecting certain computers/susbsciptions and given that i worry real time is not scaaning either as the time there is always changing too.I am fed up of having to do a manual scan.Anyone else having problems too


      Right i will be as clear as possible here.I have in 3 user total protection and have since renewed on a couple of occasions(i think).So my siter and my mother bought new laptops and i allowed them to use the two licenses.This was last year.Last month i had to buy a new computer and this time choose a laptop.Now i downloaded my subscription again.So this was now 4.Grand no problem.Now as far as i can remember when i set my scan it worked though i can't remember for sure.That laptop broken so i got a new replacement and so again downloaded mcafee for the 5th time and this time i was asked for payment which i done.So why was i not asked for payment for the 4th licence.It seems strange that i was not asked for it and then went i pay for a 5th i get all problems with the scheduled not working.Anyway my sisters scan scheduled does not seem to work but my mothers does.So as i relpied down below.Two emails to customer service two different options.The first i went through and told them that what i got didn't help and i was not sure either of it.So instead of help on that i get a total different solution which too didn't work.I told them in the second email that i am not available to go through this on chat option and stated this clear but still told to go there.I had problems before with Mcafee and the people whom helped me before were excellent and thier options worked and said if you have problems and can't chat e mail is ok.This time no.This time two emails two solutions both nothing.So i want my problem fixed so i can then fix the licence on the other computer.I never had a serious problem as this before.My last was i somehow ended up paying two subscrptions each year.I never had any problems with Mcafee products before and always worked and i am disappointed now.


      NB If this happening only on my computer then i would accpet because it is new then maybe there is something causing this.But for another computer would never had any problem to get this and another one(all using my sub)having no problems is very odd.What is happening McAfee?It is like a conspiractory.






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          Could you please let us know the version details of the McAfee programs and what is the Operating System that you use in the computer?

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            McAfee 3in1 recently renewed including all the other 4 computer using my subscription(brought more)This is a new laptop it is DELL Inspiron 15R.I use firefox latest browser and Windows 7 all was all up to date.As i said hmm the others use Windows 7 too and one one is reporting same problem as me.

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              Hello there,

              Could you please have a check on the below items and let me know the status;

              Check if there exists any third party security softwar (preinstalled by manufacturer)
              Check the system date & time (as per your time zone)
              Check if Internet explorer is set as your default browser.

              Additionally, schedule a task using windows task scheduler and check if that triggers out at the right time.

              Please get back to us if we have any findings on the above .



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                I have just reinstalled my 3User Total protection on this computer but still the same problem.As i said whilst i have not checked the other computers as they are families.One is reporting the same problem as me.That computer never had the problem before.My computer here is new.Windows firewall anlong with defender is off and there seems to be no other preinstalled software.Everyone seems to be set right.I never had this probelem before on other computers and always use firefox to browser and download.My patience is running out i have sent two mails to Customer service and two different answers and each one and failed to work.

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                  Sorry for your frustration, please click on this link http://service.mcafee.com/LocaleSelect.aspx?lc=1033&sg=TS&pt=1&st=CHAT 
                  and get in touch with our chat technicians, so that they shall help you in diagnosing your issue.


                  Click on my Avatar and please send me a private message with your service request no from chat and let me see what best I can do for your case.




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                    I think this might be called high jacking a post, but I am not a regular forum user and unsure what to do next, and I uncovered this post using google, and perhaps can get help. I am having the same problem. I have three help tickets spread out over three weeks but no one has contacted me. The situation did change, however; the original problem was this:


                    1. First problem:  -Service Request # 565785073- Created Date 09222010 073850- Description I followed the directions to set the time for my scan HomeSchedule etc. but when I clicked on the Scheduled Scanning option, I got this: unnumbered error message Failed to create IDispatch. (your set up here wouldn't let me past this message; I had to know enough to hit Control V or I'd have had to copy it in. Stupid!)


                    2. Now, the situation changed. The appropriate screen will let me enter the custom scan time, without the error message, but the McAfee Scan also also runs, right when I'm trying to work. It isn't selected on theappropriate  screen, but it ran last Wednesday, after I made the change for the custom date.


                    I'm almost more concerned that no one has answered three help tickets. I was noodling around on google trying to find a way to contact McAfee (besides the Contact info provided, which does not result in contact, apparently) to tell them, I'm uninstalling it and getting something else because of curtomer service. I really feel abused. (the last ticket I tried live chat, and the thing started going in a circle, prompting me to download the software I'd just already downloaded to participate in live chat. Nobody has you download software to do live chat anyway, in the first place, and then, it ought to work easily if it is required!


                    Here are my three ticket numbers, all unanswered:


                    Service Request #: 574011861

                    Service Request #: 569000462

                    Service Request #: 565785073
                    - Created Date: 09/22/2010 07:38:50
                    - Created Date: 09/29/2010 08:53:14
                    - Created Date: 10/11/2010 08:04:39

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                      Hi jan,

                      I understand your frustration and realize that you have spent a lot of time and effort because of this.

                      Scheduled scans do not always appear to start when scheduled. This is by design. McAfee has changed the way scheduled scans start to prevent your computer from launching a scan while you are using it, which could cause performance to be slower than desired.

                      When the scheduled time for a scan occurs, McAfee SecurityCenter begins to monitor your computer for activity. If no keyboard or mouse activity occurs for 10 minutes, SecurityCenter then monitors for CPU usage. If CPU usage remains under 10% for 10 seconds, the scheduled scan will begin.


                      Please let me know if you still face any issues in scheduling a scan, If so click on my Avatar here  on forums and send me a private message and we will do our best to resolve your issue.



                      Thanks & Regards,

                      Dinesh K

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                        Dinesh, could you tell me why my problem reports (listed in earlier post, above) did not receive an answer from McAfee over a period of a month?

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