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    Deploying Whitelisting within ePO  - help required




      We currently have VSE 8.7i patch 3 on all our clients. ePO 4.0 console.


      In the past I used the Mcafee Installation Designer to include a few whitelisting entries into the registry when i packaged VSE 8.7i with patch 3 . I now need to add to the whitelisting entries but I can not use the same method as I recreated the new package but upon running new the new package I get the error message saying the new package already exists and then stops. I can not add to the whitelisting entries.


      I have also tried creating scripts to do so but the registry keys are locked by Mcafee Mcsheild service, so this is a no go with this method.


      I need to create a package with ePO/VSE to add all the current whitelisting and new entries. So it can be applied to all the old systems plus any new computer on the network.


      Has anyone have any ideals on how this could be done ?


      Or is there a way for example in the On-Access Default Processes Policies to exclude servers eg \\server123 and \\server1234 and \\server12345 etc ? which could do the same job







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