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    How do I prevent SecurityCenter active protection from removing a valid program?


      I've used Xenu, a link checking tool, for years, and the recent update to SecurityCenter now deletes the executable, claiming it's "Artemis|bunchoflettersandnumbers".  When I check te McAfee web site link, it doesn't know anything about the virus (because it's not really a virus at all, but a program I've installed).


      I can turn the "extended protection" off, and then Xenu installs correctly, but since this tool isn't checking for real viruses, I should be able to flag something as safe, just like you can with a firewall rule.


      Is there any way to whitelist something, or do I just leave Active Protection turned off?


      Honestly, this has been a frustrating experience--it's not clear at all from the support site how you post a question, and it took an inordinate amount of time for me to get to the point of being able to post this.