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    Autoupdate not running on Windows 7

      On one machine with Windows 7 the Autoupdate task in the VirusScan Console is showing last run mid September, the last time it was run manually.

      Normally the last run column should have a current date even if it's failing.  Why would it not be running?

      I checked the task and it is scheduled to run daily at 2AM and the run if missed box is checked.

      It is running McAfee VirusScan 8.7.0i.

      Every other machine on the network is working fine but they're running Windows XP.

      I tested the scheduling on my XP machine every which way and it ran.

      I don't want to waste the user (boss)'s time any more than I have to checking it out on his machine.

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          Check if the McAfee Task Manager service is on Automatic and started as Local System. Also check the schedule in the McAfee VirusScan Console. Just change it for testing purposes to every 5 minutes. You can do this with the remotely (Tools -> Open Remote Console) if you do not want to disturb your boss.

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            I see this McAfee Task Manager service on my machine if I go under Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.

            Is this the only place to check this?  Is this service connected to the VirusScan Console or where would it come from?

            I did check the schedule.  As I believe I stated, it is scheduled to run at 2AM and I'm certain the box "Run if missed" is checked.

            His machine is currently off.  I don't know if he's left it on at all overnight or if the problem is a bug with Windows 7 involving the run if missed.

            I tested this on my (XP) machine, having it off during a scheduled time, and it did run the next time I booted it with the run if missed box checked.

            I cannot access his machine remotely.  I believe there's a Windows 7 firewall setting for that.

            I am not using EPO.

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              I did verify all McAfee services are running on this machine.

              McAfee Engine Service

              McAfee Framework Service

              McAfee McShield

              McAfee Task Manager

              McAfee Validation Trust Protection Service


              All show startup type Automatic and status Started.


              The Task Properties of the Autoupdate in VirusScan Console, the Schedule option does show User Account Settings with his user information.  This should probably have the network administrator information, though still if it's attempting to run and failing for credentials it should be updating the date under Last Run.  If the computer is off it should attempt to run when he turns it on, since the Run if Missed option is checked.  Is there some bug with not running missed tasks, maybe just on Windows 7?  This option worked when I tested it on my WinXP machine.

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                The McAfee Task Manager service can be accessed throught typing services.msc, but not with the VirusScan Console. You can edit them remotely by rightclicking on the Services (Local) and the select Connect to another computer. If you have the Windows Firewall turned on, this cannot be done. You can change Firewall settings through GPO if you are on a network, else you have to go to the machine itself or do a remote desktop session. The VirusScan Console only shows you the Console as on your own machine. You can check the schedule, policies, settings...but not the services itself.

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                  Why do you set the user information? Test it with the default settings.