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    Im mad now!

      Mcafee is not allowing me to view ATI Catalyst Control Center. Other people with Mcafee total protection have had the same problem and yet your supposed award winning "Technical Support" doesnt even work. The virtual technician crashes and the scan of my Mcafee will not complete so I cannot talk to anybody about the problem and have to resort to a forums. Yeah deffinet "Award winning" when you require to have to install something that doesnt work.  When this Mcafee subscription is ended I will probably switch to something that doesnt smell like Norton and its buggyness. Sad... sad... sad. I think the only money you guys make is from people buying Dell computers since it comes automaticly on it.  Your new interface in Mcafee total protection also looks stuipid. I want my old buttons not this plain text and no progress bar on my computer cleanup! Your artist and tech guys certainly learned a new way of making un-deserved money. Yes I know programs have problems but yet your tech supprt doesnt work properly. Your tools do not work properly that are suppose to fix the problem. I run Vista 64-bit SP2 and I dont have this big of a problem with most software. Why cant big anti-malware companies get it right? Why not actually beta test your programs? Why not try to find problems with it? Why not try to build special methods of removing malware? The TSCC rootkit is a known rootkit. It is detected by Mcafee but not removed. But yet your competitors can remove it with ease. They even have special tools for people who dont pay for the program to remove it! I also got a boot disk from Kaspersky that works pretty well when your comp wont turn on.  So tell me Mcafee? Where do your priorities lie? In defending your product with petty excuses? Why not make the program work AND protect against malware? I have seen better shaped FREE programs. And yet people pay 80$ for this? I do know that Mcafee works better then some but that is "some". You should be out for perfection not "some". If I had the knowlodge I would create one better then this. With the libraries of Malware you have you should atleast make the program that you made to use it actually have the correct coding to work. And with that. Can I please have my problem with ATI control center solved? And mabey a note to the Mcafee writers to stop eating so many donuts? Thanks.

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          Peter M

          Moved to SecurityCenter 10 - 2010


          That's the first time I've heard of the Catalyst Control Center issue.  Does it have full permission in the firewall?


          Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter


          Click Web and Email Protection to expand


          Click Firewall to expand


          Click Program Permissions and use the Edit button if necessary to give it full access.


          Other than that it may be worth your while to check with ATI/AMD Support FAQ's to see if there are any special settings one has to be aware of.


          I used to have ATI and had few problems with it ever.


          If that doesn't help I suggest opening a case with Technical Support Chat online. They are linked under 'Useful Links' at the top of the page.


          Regarding infections.  Different products work differently obviously and what one can clean with ease another may miss, that's why we have the 'Submit a Sample' process.


          I always advise people to keep at least one of the many free anti-spyware tools handy as a supplement to antivirus.  Some are listed at the top HERE.

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            As I have said. I CANNOT contact there support becuase the virtual technician crashes when it tries to scan for Mcafee products. And the control center is not listed in it. I think Mcafee just deleted it since I KNOW it was there before the big Mcafee update to 2010 edition. Now whenever I try to open it in control panel it does nothing. And when I try to manually open it it says I need to use a microsoft works disk??? I would bet Mcafee got rid of it without my consent thinking it was bad. I will try to go to there site and see if I can reinstall it again though. But seriously. Send your tech team a note stating for them to make Mcafee better. You can make much better programming then this with the money you get. TSCC rootkits are not that hard to remove but yet Mcafee doesnt have the correct coding to remove and repair the memory sectors. Meaning that your competition is most deffinetly winning becuase there free tools even remove it >.>.

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              Ok nvm the chat support is finally working. It wouldnt last night at all. But your virtual technician still is not working >.>

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                Peter M

                Well thank goodness Chat is working as they can probably find out why MVT isn't working either.