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    Upgrade epo 4.0 with sql 2000 to 4.5


      Hi everybody,


      Someone can help me??.. i need to upgrade my  ;McAfee epo 4.0 patch 4 with SQL 2000 to ePo 4.5, !! i knoww that 4.5 isn´t compatible with 2000 then i need to use sql 2005 express or later, but i don´t know how to do that..my production environment is about 250 pc´s and almos 20 server betwee win srv w2000 and 2003 all updated. I need to do mi task with the best preactices recomended and the minor impact on the user, i don´t want install a new console i need to upgrade because  the audit and events log are frencuently used by the audit departmen. pls help mee ASAP (As soon as posible).


      Regards McAfee Comunities team