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    I have a problem activating my product, anyone can help me out?



      I have McAfee internet security 2009 on a cd for installation on max 3 computers. I installed it on my first one, which was stolen, and now I have installed it on my second one, and now I have 11 days or so left for activation (of which I thought I had done during installation, but anyway). But when I click on "Activate" it says this:


      "Activation can't continue.


      We're sorry, but we're having trouble activating McAfee products. You can begin using your products now, but you won't receive automatic product updates.

      Don't worry, we'll ask you to continue activating your McAfee products once the problem is fixed. For more help with this problem, please contact McAfee Support." (which is a link, but if I click it nothing happens)


      So that's about it, I have no clue what to do. I want to activate it, but somehow it won't let me. Maybe it can be done manually?


      Thanks in advance!