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    McAfee refuses to download updates and I can't download the new version (2011) online

      I run Windows XP on my computer and I have McAfee Total Protection 2010 on my computer. It's supposed to expire December 12 2010. For about a week, McAfee tells me it cannot do updates because of a connection problem with the internet but I am connected 24/7/365. It actually finds the update but stops when it's time to download it and McAfee becomes red saying I'm not protected.


      Also, my other problem is that I just purchased McAfee Total Protetion 2011 and the download is in my account but everytime I click on the link, I get an error page. No matter if I try with Internet Explorer (7) or Mozilla Firefox (3.6.3). I even tried refreshing a few times on both browsers. No luck at all.


      I don't know what to do now. Help?



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      Okay, so now, in McAfee, some things changed. I have up until December 29 2011 now for the expiration even though I didn't download anything. But I still can't do any updates



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