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    Database type "remote" not seen by the service


      Earlier today while trying to start the McAffee Endpoint Encryption Database Server service I noticed the service immediately started and then stopped with a generic Windows error.  One of my first troubleshooting steps was to attempt to connect with the Endpoint Encryption Database Server application, and immediately after double-clicking I got an error that said "No database connection is selected or is no longer available."  I clicked "Edit Connections" and noticed that my server info was indeed in there, it was just not appearing or even selectable in the drop-down menu.  I am able to add a local connection and start the service that way, but when I do so I can't access the McAffee Endpoint Encryption webHelpdesk; I get the following error


      TitleWeb Server
      DescriptionUnknown database


      I'm guessing I need to be connecting as database type "remote" but the Database Server application won't "see" that and the service simply stops immediately if I try editing the SDMCFG.INI file to that.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.