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    Internet Connection/McAfee Server Download error msg

      I am having alot of problems trying download the McAfee Security Center (renewal).


      I keep getting the error message there is either a problem with my internet connection or the McAfee Download server is unavailable.


      I have done the following so far to try and correct the issue...


      • called technical support: they were of no help and kept me on hold off-and -on for more than 30 minutes.
      • uninstalled every existing McAfee program on my computer (well, now the technial support program is on there)
      • made sure that SSL 3.0 was checked and "check for server certificate revocation" is unchecked.
      • deleted cookies
      • IE8 is now installed
      • made sure there were no other security programs on my computer


      For something that is supposed to be (according to the technical support person) an "easy fix", this sure is taking alot of time to correct. This should not be happening. Also, McAfee should have more detailed error messages or better help guides for problems like this. I have spent the greater part of my Saturday trying to resolve this issue. Argh.


      I am running Windows XP and a wireless connection if this helps any.