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    annoying blank email from McAfee

      Hi McAfee support

      I have been getting annoying blank email from your subscription@mcafee.com service for last two days.  Please fix this.


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          Me Also, it is so unprofessional for an Internet Security Company to do something like this. I have raised a support case as there seems to be no way of contacting by email as all their reply to addresses bounce.



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            Snap also didnt have anything in the subject line.. For a software security company, I too find this

            totally irresponsible.



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              Could you folks please try to run the McAfee Virtual Technician found at the top of this page unde useful links in the Technical Support link. MVT will scan your computer for any McAfee related issues and if it finds any it will attempt to resolve them for you.

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                Why does McAfee think it is a problem with peoples installs when their subscription dept is sending duff emails. McAffee have a faulty script generating these emails, how else would they have got into my mail service when accessed by webmail and mobile device which has no McAffe software. Just get your mail generation software sorted at HQ and stop spamming clients with empty mails. I can send you the full headers if you have a secure address I can use, I will not publish the internal data on forum.


                Just for information the virtual technician has never worked with my Vista PC either.

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                  Tom asked that as the install might be reporting your subscription incorrectly. Why blank beats me probably server issue but send me the headers please via Private message and I will discuss this in our Monday call.


                  To PM click on my name and top right is PM option



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                    Thanks for your reply, However  my subscription quite happily shows its valid until 2013 and no

                    other problems found.

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                      Hi all.

                      Firstly an apology, after Peacekeeper explained that McAfee could be reporting spurious expiry, I understood why a mail might be generated but why blank is a mystery. My subs expires 05/06/2011.


                      Also MVT has been updated since I last tried and now works on my platform, but reported no errors, other than todays DAT update needed.


                      Mail Headers sent to Peacemaker at his request to investigate.


                      Although I have received no more blank mails, I did receive two identical newsletters at about the same time but one titled "McAfee Security News and Advice Fall 2010" and the other titled "McAfee Security News and Advice Spring 2010". Obviously something or someone doesn't know which hemishere they're in.


                      I hope we get an update soon.



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                        No private message yet?


                        BTW why is it every1 and by every1 I mean a lot here call me Peacemaker


                        I got the fall email were both the same?

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                          Ok got it thanks