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    Client UI Password question

      Once you configure and deploy the Client UI policy where you create the password required to unlock the client UI on a Windows client--and push the updated profile from the EPO to the hips client running on the managed server--where is that password stored on the windows client?  is it encrypted in the client profile somewhere?


      for instance... what if the HIPs client looses connectivity to the EPO server?  if i still had access to the windows server and i tried to open and unlock the Hips Client using the password...i should still be able to unlock the hips client even if it does not have a connection to the EPO is this correct?...if it is...where is the client UI password stored once it is pushed to the managed server?  is it encrypted or is it in clear text?  and is it located somewhere in the Hips Client Profile on the hips managed server?


      I need to be able to tell management that if we use the client UI password feature, it is not stored in a clear text file on the hips managed server.  and i also need to tell them the location of where this file is being stored on the server.