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    Mcafee Agent 4.5 "staged rollout" through EPO 4.5



      Having recently upgraded my EPO Server from EPO 3.6.1 to 4.5, i would like to rollout the latest mcafee agent (4.5 with patch1).

      On the old EPO 3.6.1 console when I upgraded from CMA 3.6 to Mcafee Agent 4.0, I placed Agent 4.0 in the repository and disabled mcafee 4.0 install (through Deployment Task) in order to do a staged rollout of the new agent (enabling them sections at a time). Is this still possible to do with EPO 4.5 (Gui console) it takes a bit of getting use to next to the old point and click 3.6 gui.


      I don't want to load the new agent 4.5 into the repository and then it goes away and tries updating everything in the organisation all at once.


      Any help / advice / best practise would be useful.


      Thanks in advance



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          Does it have anything to do with EEPC? I think you should post it in ePO forum. This one is for "EEPC v6.x in ePO", just not very fortunate wording.

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            My bad, i'll move it

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              As long as you do not have "Global Updating" enabled, what you described doing in 3.6 is still possible in 4.5.  If you do not have any Client Tasks enabled to deploy the McAfee Agent 4.5 to the machines it should not install. You could check in the 4.5 Agent to the repository, create a Tag called something like "Ready for 4.5"  and then create a "Client task" to install MA 4.5 only to machines tagged "Ready for 4.5". Alternatively you could also use the "Evaluation Branch" to test out the new agent.

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                Thanks for that, but pardon me for maybe being a bit thick.....in the old 3.6 console you could do what you suggested in point 1, disable client task for Mcafee Agent, but in 4.5 the Deployment Client task for this particular OU has both the Mcafee Agent and Virusscan product, and in 4.5 I only get the drop-down choice of Install, whereas the old 3.6 version I got Install, remove, not install etc.. The 4.5 (schedule) bit I can enable/disable, but won't this disable both (Agent & Virusscan deployment


                Do I just (on the Mcafee Agent just Choose 'Select' so the Mcafee Agent is not listed?


                Sorry if I have confused you.

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                  If you disable a task that is setup to install both the Agent and VSE it will not install either one. One way to get only the Agent to stop installing would be to just choose "Select" from the drop down where the Agent is listed or you could just press the "-" sign next to that entry and the Agent installation will be removed from the task. I don't know how controlled you want your roll out to be. Are you looking to do a whole group, EPO tree section, or OU  at a time? If you want to do a whole EPO tree section at a time you could just have the Deployment task for the Agent in the "My Organization" level and then set it to Disabled. Then you could "Enable" that task in the particular EPO tree section you want to deploy the agent to. In order to do it this way you would have to make sure there are no other McAfee Agent 4.5 deployment tasks setup to install form the "Current" branch otherwise the agents will be deployed throughout your tree.

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                    Thanks, I think I may have done it like that on 3.6 console. As long as the top-level is set to disabled, when I put the mcafee agent 4.5 into the repository it won't go and deploy to everything, that's right isn't it?


                    Then I can go to each OU and install it at my leisure.





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                      That should be right as long as the top level is set to disbaled the child levels will also be disabled until you set them otherwise.