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    Microsoft Silverlight



      We have a problem displaying Microsoft Silverlight content through Web Gateway.


      We want to continue to block a site based on it's categorization but if a url is allowed we would like to display all content on that site. At the moment any silverlight content doesn't display. Where the Silverlight content is we get a blank frame that never loads. The rest of the webpage loads fine so the url as a whole is fine it is just the Silverlight media type.


      I added application/x-silverlight-app to the media type catalog with a file extension of xap. I then added this to the media type whitelist but the content still does not display.


      An example url is http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/


      Hope you can help!

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          This is interesting - so the audience knows, I am working with the issuer of this request offline to see what happens. Results to be posted here.




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            we suffer from a similar behaviour:


            One of our customers is using Web Gateway as well. One of 4-5 tries opens our Silverlight based appication completely but in most cases, the pop up window (IE8) opens without content but with a javascript errors. I think our customer get this error when the SL app gets some data from our Webservices (WCF) but I am not sur about it though.

            When moving that app out of the focus of Web Gateway completely, it runs without any problems and with every try.

            If you need detailed information please let me know.

            It would be good if you keep this thread alive and post your findings.


            Thank you,

            Ingo O.



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              So ,

              what I've seen so far is that Sliverlight can consist of two components, as XML based descriport, that uses the client to render some graphis OR a file (.xap) which is downloaded and contains several DLL, XML and XAML-files. The .xap is actually a zip, so you can open it a and look inside, which is what Webgateway does as well.

              By that it means that tools, like progress pages and data trickling might apply if configured. MWG 6 is detecting the file as application/3dr, which are originally comming from 3d benchmark tools (http://www.file-extensions.org/3dr-file-extension). However, they are detected as such in this case.

              I got it running, whitout issues over a speedy line and have whitelisted application/3dr for archive handling and media type filtering.

              When mentioning media media types and XML it is wirth mentioning that the silverlight XML files are somewhat corrputed and will be blocked by media type filter, as they are not complying with the XML syntax, they are missing opening and closing XML tags for example (<xml></xml>).


              So far,


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                Hello Michael,


                thank you for your response.

                Most Silverlight applications do communicate with their host server using webservice technologies. In our our case the SL app uses WCF (see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa663324.aspx )

                Did you check that as well? It seems to me that our SL app si not blocked but as soon as it is downloaded to clients PC and starts to exchange data with our webserver it stucks in most cases though not in all.

                I would estimate a a pass rate of 20% and I think it depends on traffic in that time which it going throug Web Gateway.

                As said before, when putting the SL app out of the scope of Web Gateway it runs smooth but this is not an option for the customer.

                I hope you can help us with some information.




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                  Hi Ingo


                  Hopefully Michael is still looking at this problem for us. I have tried a number of fixes but I still cannot get 99% of Silverlight content to display.


                  We want to block exe's from being downloaded by a general user on our estate because of the risk they present. However we want a user to be able to display Silverlight content in the same way they can view flash content on sites. Currently I have whitelisted and then turned every filter off for media *.xap$ and application/3dr....... Silverlight content is still blocked.


                  Are you suggesting I could try whitelisting Windows Communication Foundation as a media file type? What extension does this have?





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                    Hello Ian,


                    are you sure that the Silverlight application is not loaded at all on your side or does it not show up when starting transfer of data using some kind of webservices?

                    Can you check that SL app using Internet Explorer. When you load that app, do you get that yellow warning sign on the bottom left of your browser window? If so, what does it say?


                    Webservices do transfer data using xml. So you should let text/xml get through.




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                      By allowing text/xml a few more of the silverlight files out there are now displaying but this is by no means a large proportion.


                      When the content doesn't display the page is just white no error in the bottom left corner of IE. An example is http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/en-us/ZoomandZoomDD?SRC=Home


                      If Analyse Object Filtering in Web Gateway I see no errors against this URL


                      Started processing of the object: http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/en-us/ZoomandZoomDD?SRC=Home .
                      MediaType blocker is applied to the file: http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/en-us/ZoomandZoomDD?SRC=Home.
                      Original content type is text/html.
                      Content type is text/html.
                      Content type is ensured.
                      CFilterVirusScan is applied to the file: http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/en-us/ZoomandZoomDD?SRC=Home.
                      Virus scanning result: Object is not infected.
                      Mobile code filter is applied to the file: http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/en-us/ZoomandZoomDD?SRC=Home.
                      Proactive Scanning is starting to filter embedded script code.
                        Mobile code filter is applied to the file: http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/en-us/ZoomandZoomDD?SRC=Home/.
                        Proactive Scanning is starting
                        Proactive Scanning has finished, content allowed (0)
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                        Hello Ian,


                        I would try to have a look behind the scenes on the client PC. When you have complete control over it, you should try to have a look at the http transfer using Firefox in combination with HttpFox (see: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6647/ ). It is a nice tool to have a look at all the traffic which goes in and out.

                        So you would see, if this SL app itself is blocked by the Web Gateway or if it reaches your PC and maybe the following datatransfer is blocked.




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                          It looks like I have the same problem but with the added difficulty of sliverlight not supporting proxy authentication. When in our organisation an older client (xp/win2003) opens the content, it switches to windows media player with a login prompt. But when a new Win 7 client opens the content it only wants to use Silverlight.

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