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    setup.exe doesn't launch



      My old computer died and I have replacede it with a secondhand Dell Dimension 3000, running under XP Home with McAfee Internet Security. I have some old CDs with applications I want to install, but have been unable to get setup.exe to launch. Of course, too many things have changed to be sure that this is a McAffee problem, but I wonder if someone can offer any suggestions?


      Specifically, I am trying to install Photoshop 5.0 LE. The CD does not AutoPlay on the new system although it did on my old computer. I can navigate to the required folder and click on setup. The hourglass appears for a few seconds, but nothing else happens. In the installation instructions readme it says "Turn off or remove any virus protection software and restart your computer". But this does not work, because McAffee automatically reloads when I restart.


      Could it be McAffee that is preventing this old version of InstallShield from Working?

      Is there a safe way to get around the problem?

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          Peter M

          That's XP SP3 I hope?   Try line 10 on the left HERE, it should work for Home or Pro.



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            Yes SP3 - fully updated.

            Thanks, that solves the AutoPlay problem.

            But I still can't launch setup.

            What should I try next, please?





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              Peter M

              I guess we should try disabling McAfee but for that I would need to know if you have 2009 (square icon) or 2010 (shield-shaped icon) ?


              (To save me typing yards of unnecessary instructions)

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                Please let me have instructions for Shield-shaped icon.


                Regards, Mike.

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                  Peter M

                  OK have moved the thread to SecurityCenter 10 - 2010 as more appropriate.


                  Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

                  Click Virus and Spyware Protection

                  Click Real Time Scanning


                  Click Turn Off and tell it for how long.


                  That should be sufficient but if you need to disable the firewall you should enable Windows Firewall first.


                  Click Web and Email Protection

                  Click Firewall


                  Click Turn Off and tell it for how long.


                  Hopefully that will allow these older setups to run.


                  You may have to open the CD in Windows Explorer, browser through it and locate setup.exe and go from there.

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                    Didn't work, not even with firewall disabled.


                    I noticed a couple of things that may provide clues........

                    When I click on setup, the hourglass appears for several seconds, but when I click again nothing happens.

                    I can see setup.exe in Task Manager - Mem Usage is blank.

                    When I shut down I get a message "The request to end the selected 16 bit task has timed out. The Win 16 subsystem may be unstable etc. etc."  Has that got anything to do with it?


                    Cordialement, Mike.

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                      Peter M

                      You may not be able to get it to work.  I've been doing some reading on Photoshop 5.0 LE and apparently it was designed for Windows 95.


                      You could try right-clicking the setup.exe and go to the Properties tab, then the Compatibility tab/Show settings for all users and see if you can run it in compatibility with Windows 95 and see if that works?


                      I believe Adobe replaced it with Elements but as I don't use either I'm not sure.

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                        Yes I already tried Compatibility.


                        Photoshop 5.0 LE came as a freebie with a computer magazine - remember when we all used to buy those?

                        I made the mistake of registering it and was pestered for months by salesmen trying to get me to upgrade to the paid-for version!


                        It worked on 95, 98, and XP Professional with SP1 (Don't ask!)


                        From your responses, I think I can safely assume that it isn't a McAfee problem and perhaps I should be looking for an answer elsewhere. Anyway, thanks for trying.


                        Best regards, Mike.



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                        The mechanical engineer says "I think something has broken. We must  strip down the engine and replace the faulty part."
                        The chemical engineer says "I think the fuel is contaminated. We should  flush out the system, replace the filters and refill with clean petrol."
                        The electrical engineer says "I suspect there is a short-circuit or a  faulty plug."
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                          Peter M



                          LOL @ the joke...;-)


                          I still read computer magazines - I get PC World delivered monthly and read others online.


                          I think SP2 and/or 3 broke a few things if I recall.   I still have XP SP3 installed on one of my netbook partitions, just for sentimental reasons really, but it's been so long since I installed that particular service pack that I don't recall a great deal.  I think it was SP2 that 'broke the mould' and SP3 was really just a security update to finalise the OS and improve compatibility until its EOL in 2014.


                          That's a shame that you can't get it to cooperate, I know only too well how one can get attached to a programme and the angst caused when it ceases to be usable.   Some call it progress, I call it commercial greed.   Obsolescence is built into everything these days, except a Rolls Royce car it would seem.


                          There's a great forum here that may be of some assistance and they deal with all OS's:  http://neosmart.net/forums/ and I know they are familiar with a lot of the older software.


                          Meanwhile this may help:  10 excellent examples of open source and free alternatives to Adobe  Photoshop.


                          There is always Adobe Photoshop Express Online....!?



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