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    Quick System Search

      Does anyone else out there find the "quick system search" to be anything but quick?  I know that it searches "systems by system name, IP address, MAC address, user name, or Agent GUID"  and I also believe it looks at the description field.  We've ended up relying on queries by machine name which are MUCH faster.  I'm not sure if this is only because we have over 100,000 nodes or not but I've previously entered an FMR for the ability to choose exactly what attributes are searched and never heard anything back...I've just recently run into a request for users to be able to look up machines and look at them without many other rights.  I've done that through the use of the 'executive reviewer' permission set but the "quick" search performance leaves much to be desired...





      on 9/30/10 3:30:20 PM GMT-05:00