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    mcagent log file with 1000 errors per day


      The 3 mcagent log files are being populated with over 1000 errors a day; at times this is at the rate of 60 per second.  Naturally other usage is seriously slowed when this happens.  The 3 mcsvhost log files also are being populated at about the same rate.

      Within the last week and with the assistance of a McAfee agent the Internet Security Suite 2010 software was de-installed, cleaner run and new software down loaded.


      Dell Dimension XP Pro SP 3

      Security Centre build 10.5.195

      Scan build 14.5.113

      Dat 6122 30/09/2010 i.e up to date

      Firewall build 11.5.135

      MVT does not detect errors. (new version downloaded in last week)



      When purchased, years ago, the Dell PC may have had McAfee preinstalled.  I don’ recall if I activated it.  My latest purchase was of a CD about 3 months ago.


      What should I do next?