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    Need to send IPSEC through one wan, and internet through the other..

      Ive got a sg560 (firmware 4.0.7), 2 T1's, and an IPSEC VPN.  Right now everything goes down the primary wan.  I want to enable the second WAN connection and either load balance web traffic (but obviously not the VPN), or even just send all web traffic down the 2nd wan would be good.  And, I have figured out how to tell it to send the web traffic down the second WAN w/ a policy route, but that doesn't help the IPSEC disconnecting issue.
      As soon as I enable the 2nd wan, the IPSEC VPN disconnects.  I told the VPN to use port B, the primary wan, as its interface in the IPSEC config.  I have not checked the secondary wan is a preferred gateway or anything.  But as soon as I check the box to enable the second wan, the VPN always disconnects.


      I'd appreciate any help I can get with this issue!