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    Firewall Reporter Problem login in after install

      Hello there, I'm having a problem with the McAfee Firewall Reporter.


      In the Product Guide it shows a picture (pic. 1) that says the user name is admin and that I should provide a password for this user, but in the real life I don't see this image. instead I see this (pic. 2) with out the User Name space, only with the password field. I write the password, continue to the installation finishes and then go to the login page (pic. 3). There, when I try to use the password I provide with the user 'admin' and it says that the user or password is invalid.


      (pic. 1)


      (pic. 2)


      (pic. 2b)


      (pic. 3)



      Can someone help me? I'm new in McAfee world and don't have 100% sure if I'm doing things right here.


      Thanks in advance,




      on 9/30/10 3:37:35 PM CDT