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    EEM server hardware and OS move?


      A few months ago I inherited an EEM setup on a single HP blade server in its own workgroup supporting about 2200 clients.  The server has 2 dual-core 2.6Ghz Intel processors with 4096 MB RAM and is running Win 2000 sp4 (again, not my choice, I inherited it).  SbDbserver is version  As we add more clients we're experiencing severe slowness from the server, and I've been asked to look into solving this issue.  Clearly upgrading the OS would be a good first step, and I'd like to move it into our domain as well for better monitoring.  In order to fully utilize more memory we'd like to use a 64 bit version of Windows.  Is there any reason we couldn't move our current database to a machine running Win 2003-64?


      Also, any hints or tips for moving forward would be appreciated.


      Thank you.