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    Announcing the availability of McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection v5.2 (formerly Total Protection Service)

      The McAfee Security-as-a-Service team is pleased to announce the release of Security-as-a-Service/SaaS Endpoint Protection version 5.2 (formerly Total Protection Service). The following are some of the exciting new features we have introduced:


      ·        *NEW* Active Directory machine integration allows administrators to import the OU structure into SecurityCenter, install protection on groups of machines and set/manage policy based on group membership

      ·        *NEW* Upgrade scheduling allows administrators to select a day when they would like some or all of their computers to be upgraded

      ·        *NEW* Upgraded desktop Firewall based on enterprise class firewall technology

      ·        *NEW* Enhanced anti-malware core for superior performance improvements

      ·        *NEW* Support for Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers for installation of the product 

      ·        *NEW* Enhancements to Partner Security Dashboard including automated Sell-Out Reporting




      As always, we will be doing a phased rollout of the client. You will have an opportunity to also schedule your upgrade (see note below). Until then, you can preview the new features now at http://beta.mcafeeasap.com.




      Upgrade Scheduling Note: Please note that with this release, the Upgrade Scheduling feature will be available to you for the first time. Just prior to the release, you will have the option to choose when you would like some or all of your computers to be upgraded.  If you take no action, your computers will be upgraded as normal.


      If you have any questions, please contact MBTPSPreview@mcafee.com.



      Thank you very much,

      The McAfee SaaS Endpoint Team