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    Reinstall WinXP with 2 encrypted partitions



      We have in our company laptops with 2 partitions (1 for the OS, and 1 for the Data). Both partitions are encrypted with McAfee EEPC 5.2.5

      When we have a Windows crash, we would like to be able to reinstall Windows XP but keep the 2nd partition encrypted. This will slightly reduce our laptop reinstalaltion time, and avoid us to perform a backup of the Data.


      So is there any way to do this ? Or do we have to decrypt the Data partition before reinstalltin just the OS ?


      Thanks for all advice

      Kind regards.


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          Recover and backup useful data.

          Reimage disks with your company std image.

          Restore data.

          Install encryption client and encrypt disks again.

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            ok, but should I have to delete as well the Data partition, or may I leave it as it is encrypted, and delete the System partition, install windows and install EEPC. Will that work ? I mean will that recognize that the Data partition is already encrypted when EEPC is reinstalled ?

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              Most likely it would not work as new Client installation will create new machine object with new encryption key.

              In general, cannot reuse old key that data partition is encrypted with.

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                ok, and what about if the objet (machine and user) are already created in the EE Manager ?

                I will test it and come back here, because if that work, it will make our life much easier than to backup a 200Gb HD, reinstall Windows, and restore the data... Especially for our user's community which is almost VIP users, Top.-managers,...


                Any other solution to avoid deleting all the partitions would be helpfull

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                  it won't work - there's no way to "reattach" an existing encrypted partition to a new install of EEPC - once you break/remove the boot code, then you can no longer access any other partitions outside of EETech/WinTech.


                  The only solution is to decrypt the 2nd partition etc.


                  We used to have the feature (reattach) in older versions of the product - I'm talking more than 6 year ago now, but it was so rarely used it got discarded. It might be possible to recreate it though - you should submit a feature request if it's really interesting to you.

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                    Thank you (again..) for your answer. It helps me and my management team to have a beter approach and overview about our reinstallation proceses.


                    And that would effectively be a good point to (re)introduce this feature as we plan soon to implement the solution to ALL our laptops (about 5000). And the possibility to reinstall only the OS is a really missing feature that willl avoid us to backup/restore all user's Data (lot of time consuming).


                    Can you just let me know how I can publish such kind of feature request (as well as the windows banner customisation) ?

                    Many thanks

                    Kind regards,.


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                      The best thing to start with would be to discuss with your platinum account manager - they can point you in the right direction for the forms etc. Just because a feature request is submitted of course does not mean it will be implemented, so it's best to have discussions first to see if your ideas need to be considered under a paid prof-services engagement, a one-off codebase, or generally released.

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                        if you refering to current version

                        just comes to my minds..not sure if this work or not.



                        what you need is

                        • backup your SBR - 0-93 sector
                        • do not modify the partition only formating.


                        jog down the crypt list partition - you need this to encrypt back the partition


                        you can reformat C: drive install your OS after that restore back the SBR to your hardisk

                        use crypt option encrypt the drive with the same key.. (sdb file) <- get the start sector & sector count from crypt list

                        boot safetech and do eboot to fix SBFS.. (make sure profile still exist in EEM)

                        after SBFS rebuild and syn.. everthing will be work again i think


                        Not sure because i have not doing this test but you can try it out.



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                          sorry - good try but it won't work. The SBR is only sector 0, and the partition gap (1-63) is not where we store the disk information any more...


                          interesting thoughts though!

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