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    Possible False Positive - Artemis!5F5D69F9156F

      c:\program files (x86)\stea\steamapps\common\ffxi\squareenix\playonlineviewer\patchfiles\playonl ineviewer\viewer\com\


      Playonline viewer POLCore module

      file version

      Product name PlayOnline Viewer

      Product version 1.18.00

      Size 535 KB

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          I restored mine and disabled virus scan until a fix it pushed.


          I had to re-register my DLLs, due to a class error:


          http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/forum.html?forum=10&mid=1227126409248244928&howmany=5 0

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            OH MY GOODNESS! I was freaking out because I thought I did something stupidand got a trojan. I got home to play Final Fantasy XI and suddenly something pops up saying Playonline viewer file is missing and I must reinstall. Since I am running Windows 7 I had to use the file I downloaded from Playonline 6 months ago. I logged into POL viewer fine. I had to shut down for basic computer updates, when everythgn came back up.. I got the same error!

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              if you are sure it is false positive.

              go into mcafee

              view recent events.

              find that file. restore it.

              turn off mcaffee real time for 5 mins. start POL

              mcaffee only checks the .dll on file access so you can start up pol and then anti virus will be back up.

              and when they white list the dll, mcafee will ignore that dll



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                Virus Researcher: Girish Pillai
                Filename: polcore.dll
                Detected as Artemis!5F5D69F9156F
                Identified: No Virus/Trojan


                McAfee Labs, McAfee Labs, Bangalore, India


                Thank you for submitting your suspicious file.
                Synopsis -


                McAfee Labs researchers have examined the file in question and no malware was found.


                Solution -


                McAfee(R) Artemis technology provides real-time protection that secures enterprises and consumers from threats as they strike and much quicker than traditional signatures can be deployed. As Artemis is updated in real-time there is no requirement to wait for a full DAT update nor to use an EXTRA.DAT intermediate solution. Simply wait approximately 30 minutes and this false will no longer exist or trigger on your system. Depending on the network settings you have or the caching involved between your system and ours it may take slightly longer for this false alarm to be resolved.


                Solution -


                To ensure that you have the maximum available capability of detecting and cleaning this malware on your system, please make sure you have the latest engine.


                DAT updates are available at: http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security_updates/dat.asp


                Support -


                Virus Research accepts file samples for analysis and possible inclusion into AV signature DAT sets. We are also prepared to answer general virus questions.


                All product related questions and comments can be addressed through technical support and customer service, including:


                  * Product installation and update questions
                  * Product usage questions
                  * Specific operating system/version questions
                  * Assistance with detection and cleaning or removal of viruses or trojans


                Please use the following link to reach our technical support group for McAfee products.


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                McAfee Labs
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