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    Adding Domain to SaaS configuration

      I am trying to configure SaaS service for email protection and need to add a domain to our primary domain.  Any idea how to do that?

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          Hi ssanders,


          Are you using this as part of yoru trial or have you already bough the software and have a Grant number ?


          In either of the cases, you would have an email from McAfee reuqesting you to make the changes that are required. Did you receieve those ?



          Thank you



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            To add another primary domain, you must contact support.


            To configure alias domain names to be associated with a primary domain:

            1. Click the Domains tab
            2. Select the primary domain you want to add an alias
            3. Click the Edit Aliases button
            4. Enter the alias name and click the Add button. Repeat if you want multiple aliases.
            5. Click the Done button when finished.