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    EEPC 5.2.5 and 'Set Endpoint Encryption Password to Windows Password'.

      I've been doing this for quite some time and have never seen anything like this so I'm reaching out to the community.  Has anybody ever seen the safeboot password get set to a local admin password while logged in with a different windows account?  Both safeboot account and windows account usernames match.  An example is, I log in with the domain account 'safeboot' to Windows.  With 'Set Endpoint Encryption Password to Windows Password' enabled, once logged into windows, it will set the safeboot password to a local admin account, not the account I'm logged in with.  So when I reboot and login to pre-boot with account 'safeboot', the password isn't matched to the 'safeboot' windows account, it's matched to the local admin account.  Also, if I enable SSO and watch safeboot pass the windows credentials, it uses the local admin account even if I originally logged in with 'safeboot' account..... Make sense?  Has anybody ever seen this?

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