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    Install Virusscan/DAT-Files to another drive


      We are currently rolling out some servers with Citrix Provisioning Services. Servers are booting up from a read only master image (daily reboot) so we need to move differential data to another drive. Is it possible to install VSE and the agent to another drive than the system drive? I can customize the installation path via command line but DATs are always unter systemdrive\program files\common files\mcafee ...

      Only way i found at this time is to stop McAfee services, change the path for DAT and engine in the registry and restart the services.

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          Yes, I've heard of others using that same registry hack, and that it works.

          It is not a condoned action however.


          Feature modification requests exist for being able to control where DATs are placed. They have not been realized in any product releases yet.

          Since it's a daily reboot from a master image, it means the system will download a full .zip containing the DATs (once the DATs on image have aged beyond incrementals).