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    ePO 4.0 to 4.5 in-place upgrade issues experienced


      This was an in-place upgrade from ePO 4.0 patch 4 to ePO 4.5 patch 3.


      The first issue was, probably due to our 300GB database (30K+ nodes), the upgrade took no less than 10 hours.


      During the upgrade I noticed I began to receive Rogue System Detection response emails (several thousand).The RSD in the new version no longer keyed off my queries as the old version did, and actually pushed an agent to anything with an RSD 'event'.  All my nodes apparently had these events, and I couldn't stop that from happening without cancelling the installation - it happened before the end of the install.  Unfortunately, I had the 4.5 agent (evaluation branch for us) checked in and associated with the RSD response, and got it pushed to several thousand nodes still on VSE 8.7i patch 2, which has a known incompatibility with agent 4.5.  So lots of users got the nasty pop up error.


      Post-upgrade, I could not conduct any product deployments or updates - all 13 of my repositories were deleted.  It took me several hours to re-create these repositories and associate my many agent policies with the new repos.


      Just wanted to put this out here for anyone about to attempt same. Hope I can save you some trouble.


      I would:
      Purge the DB to the smallest possible size
      Disable RSD responses until you can test post-upgrade
      Note all of your repositories and agent policies - you may have to recreate from scratch.