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    Profiler on ESXi Server


      While the installation guide doesn't list VMWare's ESXi server system, is there any way to install Profiler v2.0.0 to ESXi


      I had no such difficulties with the Virual Machine implementation of MFE v8 and it would therefore be unfortunate if the virtualised Profiler installation couldn't be installed to the same VMWare platform.


      I have given it a try - expanding the zip file I downloaded from McAfee, uploading the extracted vmx and vmdk files to the ESXi datastore and then importing (by right-clicking on the .vmx file) the virutal machine into the inventory.


      However, upon trying to start the machine, I am presented with the error


      Failed to open disk scsi0:0: Unsupported and/or invalid disk type 7. Did you forget to import the disk first? Unable to create virtual SCSI device for scsi0:0.


      There is a suggestion, from the error message, that importing the disk might allow it to work in this environment, but I thought I'd post the query here first to save me from wasting my time if it is never likely to work.

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          Update -


          Using the VMWare Standalone Converter application, I have been able to convert and upload the Profiler Virutal Appliance to my ESXi server and it is now recognised sufficiently to allow the virutal appliance to start booting up.


          However, after a short while it seems to reach a certain point during the boot process at which point it generates a kernel panic and stops dead in it's tracks.



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            Hi Phil,

                 I have correctly installed the Profiler 2 on my ESXi 4.0 server.


                 I have extract the zip file and imported the vm with vSphere Converter.


                 Make shure, in the vm's proprieties (through vSpere Client) that:

                 1. In the "Options" tab you have selected "Linux" and "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (32-bit).

                 2. Mantain the default option in "Hardware" tab:

                      - 1 GB RAM

                      - 1 CPU

                      - Bus SCSI: LSI Logic Parallel <-- I think that is your problem (may be you've LSI Logic SAS)

                      - Virtual disk: SCSI(0:0).


                 Try this configuration in a "virgin" import scenario.


            I hope that will help you



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              Thank you, Giorgio.


              I have checked my VM settings and they are identical to yours.


              Did you upload the converted VM files to your ESXi server, right-click on the .vmx file in the datastore and add the machine to the inventory, or did you do something different?


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                I have extract the zip file, open the VmWare Converter StandAlone 4.0.1, select the vmx file, select the ESXi server and datastore, select hardwarelevel=7, and select the options that you see below in attachment.

                Then I've verify the configuration on ESXi (edit configuration of virtual machine), and the power on.


                I have this versions:

                     - ESXi: 4.0.0 build 261974

                     - Converter: 4.0.1 build 161434

                     - McAfee Firewall Profiler: 2 (last release)

                     - McAfee Firewall Enterprise: 8.0.1 (last update)



                Converter Conf.jpg

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                  Even though I can't see anything different from your screenshot, I thought I'd try the old tried-and-tested method of installing it again.


                  With a new download of the Profiler 2.0.0 zip file (even though I had only downloaded it 1 week ago), I extracted the contents and re-ran the VMWare Converter process.


                  This time the virtual machine booted-up without resulting in a kernel panic!


                  Now, I'm faced with trying to work out why the data feed from my Firewall is "DOWN", despite following the step-by-step instructions in the product guide.


                  Thanks for your input anyway, Giorgio!

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                    The instructions in the guide are incorrect.  The steps are only for firewalls that are not licensed.  They are fixing the guide right now.


                    In the step where you select the 'Default_SSL_Cert' you must instead select the 'MFE_Communication_Cert_serial-number' as the cert to use.

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                      In the step where you select the 'Default_SSL_Cert' you must instead  select the 'MFE_Communication_Cert_serial-number' as the cert to use.


                      Ahh, I see!


                      Is it still necessary to export this certificate from the Firewall?


                      If so, how do you go about importing it into Profiler - or is this whole section a bit of a red herring?



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