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    AutoBoot not bypass!!

        I used EEPC 5.2.4 and EEFF3.2.5. I deployed autoboot user to all department such as hr$autoboot$, it$autoboot$ and each department has PC client not over 100 units. OK.. It's work well but after that 2-3 days.  Client some department can see the Pre-boot again but I don't know why??? I try resolve by go to hr$autoboot$ then right click and create token and force sync to client and try to reboot client.  OK.. It's work, user not see Pre-boot.


        I have investigated this issue about 2-3 day.. when client boot PC in the morning and syncronize policy with EEM at EEPC status, I saw some message about "Updating local token data with database changes for user (ID=0000001c)" <== here is hr$autoboot$ user.  I think during a day, there is something happen with autoboot user make it can not bypass for next boot.


        Could you please help suggest me what the way to find the real problem and fix it?