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    How to Make Custom SuperDat Package

      I have the SuperDat Manager software, however I am struggling to make a custom package. Hoping you fine people will have some answers.

      We have a need to set certain registry values on machines to either fix the BLANK and N/A engine / DAT issue within ePO properties reporting.

      I have found that by adding the bReadEngReg as stated in this article I can fix some of the machines.

      I have hoping to solve this with a custom SuperDat package that would update to the most recent DAT but also place the above registry entry on the client.

      This package could then be scheduled within ePO as a remediation automation.

      Also considering using this with the custom properties available with the ePO 4.5 agent and ePO 4.5 Application.


      The associated documentation just covers using the tool in a supported fashion and is not helpful with exploiting the full potentials.

      Thanks for your time and any help.

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          I've played with the Superdat tool extensively, and do not believe it has that functionality - basically it's a crippled version of a better tool that McAfee have.


          Your best option is to log a support call, and see if they will create a custom superdat for you with your requirements.