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    Authenticating Users


      So, we just purchased the SaaS Email & Web Protection. The woman who was supposed to be the product specialist told me and my director that this product syncs with Active Directory. Yesterday I just started delving into the configuration and apparently "Active Directory" means an Exchange server. We have Gold Support and I tried calling today, but I talked to someone who didn't even understand what I meant by authentication. So, please forgive me if I sound aggrivated. Anywho...


      What do I do if not all of my users have an exchange account? I suppose they could be created manually, but then it looks to me like that would mean they would have a different password just to reach the internet. Would installing a WDS proxy server alleviate this problem? Also, what if some of our users aren't even connected to the network and still have access to the internet? Can I combine the WDS solution with explicit authentication? Finally, is there a phone number ( NOT 1-800-937-2237) where I can directly reach technical support for this product?


      Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Hi ittech,


          McAfee Security-as-a-Service now includes features for Active Directory synchronization, which let you maintain the same list of computers and groups that you have in your Active Directory server. With these features, you can automatically add computers and groups whenever you make changes in your Active Directory structure, and you can assign policies and view reports based on your Active Directory tree or group structure.

          To use these features, simply do the following:
          1. Run the Active Directory Synchronization utility to import your Active Directory structure (computers and groups) into the SecurityCenter. We recommend running the utility on a server and configuring it to synchronize automatically on a regular basis. You can download and configure the utility from this page.
          2. Run the Push Install utility to install the client software on some or all computers managed by Active Directory. You can run the utility from this page.
          3. If needed, assign a policy to computers or groups of computers managed by Active Directory on the Policies page.
          4. You can then view reports sorted by the Active Directory tree, or by groups in a flat list, on the Reports page.

          You can find the Active Directory Synchronisation tool under the UTILITIES tab of your Security Centre.


          Thank you



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            What ended up happening is we needed to open a connection between one of our Domain Controllers and the SaaS. This wasn't an option our department was comfortable with. So, we returned the SaaS and got a MWG7!