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    Problems with renewing McAfee online - paid for a subscription, and didn't get it!



      I got a free trial for McAfee when I purchased my Toshiba laptop and it has since run out, I decided to renew it yesterday, and selected and paid for one year's renewal through PayPal. I was re-directed back to the McAfee website where I was told there was an error with the page and that I could click links below to take me back to the homepage or back to the billing page, so I clicked to go back to the billing page, but the page wouldn't load, so I closed my browser and started from the beginning, but when I checked my account online, it said that I still had an expired sucscription, EVEN THOUGH I got a receipt email from PayPal confirming my payment to McAfee


      I spoke to a Customer Services advisor today, who wasn't any help at all and didn't really understand what I was talking about, and told me that I should email the receipt I received to the complaints department to "prove" that I had actually purchased a new subscription. She said she would send me over all the details to my email straight away, and it's a good 8 hours later now, and I still haven't received anything. Further more, am I just being stupid, or am the only one that is failing to find any information about contacting the complaints department on this website?


      What's the point in paying for something you don't get? And it's annoying because the McAfee reminder keeps popping up on my laptop telling me that I should renew...grr



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