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    Blank McAfee Security Center ( - now can't even uninstall

      I let my McAfee security center product upodate itself as normal - all was working well until it updated to the version above - then  when I tried to bring up the dialog box to manage scan results, etc., I would just get this:

      McAfee 10-5-189-0.GIF


      Whilst not the most user friendly GUI screen that I've ever seen, it's quite relaxing waiting for the screen to load (thinking it was a graphics card problem??).


      After a few minutes of white screen, the only way I could close it down was to go to the start bar and right-click, followed by close.


      Having written to McAfee Support via the website (oh what a waste of time that was - oh, and no telephone or chat support either - the links just take you back to the same point over and over!!!) I decided that enough was enough.


      I have since tried to uninstall the product - but guess what?




      McAfee 10-5-189-0.GIF


      That same wonderful white screen - meaning that I can't even uninstall the product.


      I know there were complaints abount microsoft bundling IE into windiws, but at least they let you uninstall their products - this just sucks - I have a security solution that I can't see if it is even uptodate, that I am paying for but cannot use, nor uninstal to allow me to install another product, or even reinstall from scratch!


      Any ideas on how to uninstall - even the McAfee clean-up tool doesn't work, as you need to uninstall first before running it, and Safe-Mlode boot doesn't make any difference as the uninstall window is still not visible.


      I'm running WinXP SP3 (16 bit), IE v8.06 but use FireFox v3.6.10 as my main browser - All drivers are scanned and up-to-date


      Any help that anyone can offer will be very well received.





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          Just the same error in Vista the same day.


          Just register:

          JScript.dll y VBScript.dll.


          Vista: cmd + Execute as administrator


          In vista:execute as administrator.jpg









          After that

          If not runing

          visit: http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS100261&lc=3082Ok.jpg

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            Thanks Lucarril, but I'm running SP3 and the version of Jscript there uis greater than the version you indicated - the system tells me not to restore it.


            Registered the two dll's sucessfully, but all in all it has made no difference.





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              In my case not only Mc Affe fails, also executing ActiveX components with I.E. 8 (for exemple, was impossible to visit gmail i standar mode, only HTML mode), but all was Ok with Mozilla or Chrome.


              Just chage security settings in I.E. and enable to execute mixed content. Perhaps, the problem is not in Mc Afee.

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                Peter M
                I'm running WinXP SP3 (16 bit)



                I trust that is actually 32-bit?  (Usually shown as XP SP3 (x86)).


                I hope that IE was not an upgrade from a beta version?


                Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools/Internet Options/Content and make sure Content Advisor is off.


                Go to the Advanced tab and click Reset, Apply and OK.


                Close and reopen the browser and go to Tools/Manage Add-ons and re-enable them (the previous operation will disable them)


                See if the window is no longer blank.


                If that doesn't help there is always free Technical Support online chat available via the link under 'Useful Links' at the top of this page.



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                  Peter M

                  By the way in relation to your comment that you couldn't even uninstall.  Isn't McAfee listed in your Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs?  If so you remove it that way.


                  You could always download and run the MCPR removal tool (Useful Links above) and run it to remove all remnants and then start afresh.





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                    Hi Ex_Brit,


                    Thanks for your response, but unfortunately the issue still remains.


                    You are correct in that it is 32bit, not 16 (my bad) - but other than that everything else was correct and as I stated previously.


                    I ran through your processes but still the white screen remains.


                    With regards to the add/remove programs option, I tried this, as my original post indicates - the white screen is still presented as the uninstall option appears to be managed from within the product, rather than an external installer package.


                    Also, the MCPR.exe tool doesn't work as an initial uninstall tool (as I mentioned previously too) - it is used post-uninstall to remove the remaining files that uninstalling misses.


                    Thanks again,



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                      Peter M

                      Well your best bet is most likely Technical Support as they can link with your machine and troubleshoot.

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                        Thanks for your efforts - went through to telephone support (£1.00/min - max 15 minus before they call back).


                        So far instructions have been:


                        1. re-register jscript.dll
                        2. re-register wintrust.dll
                        3. run http://us.mcafee.com/root/mcpr2.exe


                        If you get an error saying that the clean-up process is already running, there are 2 things to do:

                        1. go to task manager (processes tab) and kill the mccleanup.exe process if it is running
                        2. go to Start--> Run--> tasks - if there ius a clean-up task in the scheduled tasks list, right click and delete task


                        Go back to the web-site and run MCPR2.exe, unless you downl;oaded it first time, of course.


                        It's been running now for about 30 mins - and doesn't appear to be doing anything, using only 0.70 CPU time - does anyone know how long it should take to run?


                        Thanks again,



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                          Peter M

                          There was no need to pay for support.  Online Chat is free.


                          MCPR can take a while to run depending on how many remnants it finds to remove but shouldn't take 30 minutes.


                          You should have a white window open on your screen indicating progress and it will usually say a reboot is necessary in order to finish the process.


                          If it is also blank then something is wrong with Windows itself.


                          I suspect that something else is at play here.  Have you any other brand of protection software onboard or have you had any?


                          Any indications that you could have an infection?


                          As a precaution run the FREE version of THIS software after updating it.  Let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately if asked to.


                          By the way, if you are in the habit of using Registry Cleaners/Optimizers, stop now and if possible reverse whatever they did as this is typical of the outcome of one of their scans.

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