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    Xserve Snow Leopard On Access Scan Not Working

      Hello All,


      I have an Xserve running 64 bit Snow Leopard 10.6.4 which I have just installed McAfee Security for Mac V1.0 through ePO 4.5 with McAfee Agent 4.5 Everything is working apart from the On-Access scanning which it reports in the console as "Not Working". I have read the knowledge base article KB67693 regarding this problem and have already updated with patch 1 and applied the latest hotfix HF573562 as I cannot find the specific hotfix mentioned in the article (Hotfix HF529390). I have already restarted the server itself a couple of times since the update. However none of this seems to have made any difference at all, the Engine and DAT are also up to date.


      Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated!