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    McAfee at&t download issues

      So I recently had to totally restore my system due to viruses on my computer and I've got everything besides for McAfee up and running.


      I have the free McAfee that at&t users get and everytime I go to download it gets to the point where it starts to download the actual security stuff this screen pops up saying


      "We couldn't install any of the security features with your software. To fix this you can: 1) Try installing them again 2) Run McAfee Virtual Technician"


      I've run the Virtual Technician like 4 times and tried reinstalling them like 5 times.


      When I've run the Virtual Technician the following problems have come up: 1)Clear DNS cache 2)Clear Temporary internet files 3)Unable to download files from McAfee server 4)Clear McAfee cookies 5)Clear Temporary folders.


      Every problem except the one about downloading from the server are always fixed when I run the Techncian.


      Can someone help me because this is really frustrating?