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    EPO 4.5 server migrated to another machine

      I hvae migrated the EPO server 4.5 to a differetn server and attached the old db to it.

      After doign all the certs registrations and checking in a new epo agent package still the agent is not communicating with the client.


      Am attaching the log for reference.


      25160505 E #5736 MCUPLOAD Failed to process the secure communication request.  Error=The thread is not in background processing mode.

      20100925160505 E #5736 NAIMSRV  Recieved an error from the server.  Error=401.
      20100925160505 I #5736 NAIMSRV  ePolicy Orchestrator server started.
      20100925160505 I #2472 NAIMSRV  Deleting apache/tomcat log file errorlog.2010-09-24-17_39_16
      20100925160505 I #2472 NAIMSRV  Deleting apache/tomcat log file errorlog.2010-09-24-17_39_18
      20100925160657 E #4104 NAIMSRV  Failed to send http request.  Error=12029
      20100925160657 E #4104 NAIMSRV  Push Agent Installation Program to EC198 failed, will not retry
      20100925160657 I #4104 MCUPLOAD Successfully disabled CA trust options.


      Please advice. Because my previous machine with EPO server may crash any time.