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    Advertisement in payed products

      Can someone tell me what is this **** ? why do i get advertisements from mcafee on my pc ?i have a payed subscription not trial or free and i wont accept this crap adds showing up on my pc, who told you i want advertisement on my pc mcafee ?

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          Could you tell us how often you have had this happen and when did it first appear?

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            Tracy Romine



            Got your message.  This is indeed an advertisement from McAfee.  This past year we incorporated what we call 'Smart Messaging' into our product.  We know that nobody wants to be barraged with ads, so you'll find this kind of message appears very infrequently.  And it won't always be a 'pitch'.  Sometimes it may contain some useful information about a virus outbreak or other info that may help protect you from trouble.  And whenever it's an ad, you'll see that it almost always contains a significantly reduced price offer for our existing customers.


            I hope this helps.  BTW, our product managers read the Community Forum, so if you have anything else you'd like to share, please do.

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              "Got your message.  This is indeed an advertisement from McAfee.  "  What an insult. Poor behaviour from McAFee Imho. With free a/v software like AVG et al, you get what you pay for, pop-ups, nag screens, email inbox full of subscription enticementments and all the other rubbish.  Tbis latest version is the worst I have experienced from McAfee for many years. The interface is clunky and difficult to navigate, it has ignored settings from the previous version and keeps requesting firewall access.to even the most rudimentary settings previously granted access too. It is choking my pc and runs very sloooooow. I previously used Trend Micro products and moved to McAfee because of poor performance and pathetic tech support. I have 2 machines with with MIS installed and for a while had the opportunitry to see both versions running together before the 2nd machine caught up with the automatic update. Give me back the old version. This new version is absolute rubbish! and when my subscription ends next February, I'm off to greener pastures and won't be back. I dropped MAfee from my pcs about 10 years ago because of their poor performance and pathetic tech support (you know the usual, "it's not us, it's Microsoft/hardware"  bull-dust, the usual uninstall/.re-install programmes/os/change browser etc). . I've been using pcs since the late 1970's and McFee since the mid 1980's so I may have just even a extremely small amount of experience by now, well judging by past experience with McAfee, I'm just another consumers who will churn in due course. Hey McAfee don't you think we're tired of this nonssense by now?

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