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    Login loop after update 4.2 > 5.2.5


      Hi guys,


      we updated an installation from SafeBoot 4.2 to 5.2.5 yesterday.

      The clients have successfully been using SSO with Novell over the past five years.

      Now, after our first test client got itself its new files from the database, the login went into a loop.

      To be more specific: When logging in with any user, NWGINA passes the credentials through to MSGINA and right after the login (Windows system stats load up in the bottom right corner), the user is automatically logged out again (Windows dialog "saving settings") and the NWGINA is displayed again.

      This does NOT happen on a device that has never seen SafeBoot before. EEPC 5.2.5 is installed and the login behaves normally. SSO with Novell and everything.


      We looked for differences on both machines and the only one is the installation path of the client.

      GinaDLL points to C:\Program Files\SafeBoot\SBGINA.dll on the defective machine and to C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Encryption for PC\SBGINA.dll on the new one.


      Sb-origGinaDLL points to NWGINA.dll on both machines.


      Swapping sbgina.dll with the 4.2 version dll did not work either.


      Then we looked into sbgina.ini, created LOGONWND.TXT files for both machines and checked sbgina.ini if the dialog IDs match.

      On both machines the IDs were correct as far as I can tell.


      I've appended both LOGONWND.TXT files. Perhaps someone has an idea of what the cause may be.

      The file date on the problem device file is different because we set a different date in the BIOS to match a known code for recovery.


      Maybe there's some component on the lookout for the new filepath, though I don't think that's likely.


      I'd greatly appreciate any ideas you may have.