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    Infected with rogue security suite-FakeAlertSpyPro which disabled my internet connection

      I was infected with a Fake Alert program that displayed pop-up warnings about files being infected and displayed Viagra and porn sites on my browser (Internet Explorer8 version 8.0.6001.18720IC).   I ran McAfee virus scan (version 13.5, dat version 6115.0000, engine version 5400.1158) which quarantined three FakeAlert-SpyPro programs.  I also ran "net pause winmgmt" which appeared to provide no help.  I also ran the McAfee GetSusp tool which identified some "unknown" files.  In addition I ran Stinger (version, data file V/1000) which only showed the number of clean files.


      After going through this process I no longer experience any pop-up windows however I am unable to keep an Internet connection with 3 of the 4 users assigned in Windows XP professional-service pack 3.  How might I fix this problem of the Internet not being available to most of the users when signing in?              


      Thanks for your help



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