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    DLP queries showing different numbers.


      DLP queries showing different numbers.


      We run dlp ver

      when i look at some of the reports/queries on the dlp dashboard (event coll dist, evidence path dist, priv perms, bypassed agents), and compare them to the Active Agents, we have 5 client that are in the Active Agents report, but not the others.


      In the EPO console, when I click More on the DLP agent properties of one of the missing agents, it only shows a few lines of info, install location, version, etc...  The others would display a few pages of misc information.


      Mcafee suggested a bad install, I did an uninstall/reboot, reinstall/reboot 2x and that hasn't changed info show in epo on that agent.


      I prefer not to do a policy change to go out to all clients, any other ways to fix?


      Thanks, Jon