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    Display Problems with InternetExplorer, FireFox is working

      We have the following Problems with MWG 7. I had configured the Webgateway with cookie auth. and logon Page. Everything is working fine if i use FireFox.

      If i Use Internetexplorer (7,8) i have the problem that many sites are not loading properly. (images are missing, format not right...) If i switch off the proxy in IE and load the site direct over the gateway without proxy, everything is working fine , too. In comination IE with webgateway 7 i have the problems. One site for example is Youtube.com. Most of the preview pics can not loaded and marked with an red X. The movies are working properly. On FF browser everything is working fine over the Webwasher. Is there any special config for IE browser on the webgateway?



      best regards