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    lost quickclean after update

      Hi eveyrone, have just had an update which once it installed said to re-start my computer which I duly did.

      Now have  completely different looking app. and have lost the tools so no 'maintain my computer' or quickclean now available.

      Any help appreciated..use quickclean a lot as i/net connection is often unsecured wifi. Thanks.

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          I have exactly the same problem. I found a FAQ which refers to this but the link to the document brings up an error message. I spoke to the Technical Support people by chat and they recommended that I remove and reinstall which I did but I still have the same problem. All the tools functions have vanished.

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            Sorry for the inconvenience caused, could you please let us know the following:


            1.    How was the McAfee programs initially installed to your computer? Was that using a disc (or) website (or) a preinstalled program?

            2.    What is the version of the program that’s currently installed in the computer?

            3.    Do you see any major changes on the Security Center window after this update (apart from Quick Clean)

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              Hello Aldrin,

              thanks for replying.. stupid of me to have given so little info-

              1. op sys is win7

              2. upgrade was downloaded via mcaff update

              3. totally new appearance to opening page (internet security version)

              4. totally new methodology to access various functions

              5. original program/ sub was i/net download

              6. v. slow i/net connection so do not wish to do 5. again!


              However..after much searching on faq page I re-opened the program which showed further drop down list options (???how did it do this??no idea..further update??)

              3rd tab is 'data protection'.clicking drop down tab gives the 'shredder'

              PC optimisation tab give access to 'quick clean' but this was an extra..had to download it separately..could not do this until I uninstalled spybot S&D from safer networking.

              once I had done this quick clean installed OK and I then re-installed spybotS&D.


              So, looks like I am up and running again but thanks for your help..hope my experience helps others.

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                Hi there,

                don't know if my posted reply to Aldrin is any help..my opening window altered completely after the update/re-start was completed.

                My version is 'internet security' and now has when opened:


                4 horizontal info tabs showing ticks against security, firewall etc.


                Below this are 'features' with 6 more option tabs.On my version the 3rd line is 'data ptotection' and gives the shredder if you click on it.

                The 5th is 'pc optimisation' which gives good old quick clean.

                BUT I had to download this as an extra by clicking a link which came up on opening the tab- but see my post to Aldrin...

                Hope this helps..really maddening when you have to re-learn everything!!

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                  The circumstances are the same as Coughingfrog except that McAfee was pre-installed. I have had the laptop for over 6 months with no problems. The upgrade changed the look and removed the Tools functionality. Unfortunately the tabs he refers to have not reappeared. All I have is as attached.



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                    Thanks for the update. I have not been so lucky, despite updating to see if there is another fix.

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                      Thanks for the clarification, please let us know if you still come across with any other issues....

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                        Hi Alan,


                        Sorry for the delayed response, please let me know the version details of your McAfee programs along with the Affid info (refer the screenshots below)



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                          Version 10.5

                          Build 10.5.195

                          Affid: 642-3

                          last update 23-9-10.


                          Hope this assists.



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