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    Assign policy to just one computer?


      EPO 4.5.1 here

      VSE 8.5i Patch8


      VSE 8.7i Patch3


      I don't see a way to assign a policy (ie, a VSE policy) to just one computer without creating a new subgroup and putting just that one machine in there.





         ->  Main Office

           -> 3rd Floor



      The current policy assignment is at the Organization level (so everyone gets the same policy).  But what if I want JUST the JSMITH-PC to behave differently (even though there's like 300 other workstations in the "3rd floor" sub-group?


      So far the only way I can see that is to create a new sub-group, break the inheritence and then assign the new policy to just that sub-group and put that one workstation in there.