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    Question about Virtual Technician Results

      A few days ago I ran VT because I was getting a Security Notice when using Google Chrome.  I have been using this browser for a long time and I know that it was listed in my Program Permissions.  VT indicated that it found that there was one missing file but could not resolve the problem.  It did not give the specifics as to which file was missing.  So, I did a online Chat with support.  The support technician remotely checked out my Virus Scan Plus by performing a quick scan and I believe reset my firewall.  His answer to the missing file was that VT sometimes identifies file that are not important.  He referred to them as "junk files".  He assured me that my Virus Scan Plus is working properly and protecting my computer.  However , the fact that I am not able know what file VT identified as missing and not being able to resolve it does not sit well with me.  When running VT in the past it has either found no problems or resolved any problems it detected.  Should I be concerned with this?  If so, what is the best way to try and resolve the problem?  I thought about uninstalling and reinstalling VSP but did not want to do so if there was another way to resolve it. Here is what I am running:


      Microsoft XP Home Edition SP3


      McAfee Virus Scan Plus 2010

      Security Center Ver. 10.5

      Build: 10.5.195

      Virus Scan Ver. 14.5

      Build: 14.5.113

      Personal Firewall Ver. 11.5

      Build: 11.5.135

      Quickclean Shredder Ver.10.5

      Build: 10.5.108


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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