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    mcafee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i can not save rules

      environment:xp sp3+VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i Patch3 + agent 4.0

      When I midified my customer rules,i find the rules automatic restore the default rules,i can not save my rules,is there any ideas to recover it?I hava reinstall the mcafee many times.I can not to reinstall my XP system...........thank you!

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          Attila Polinger



          your description suggests that the client is managed and what you change locally wil be overwritten by the agent at the defined policy enforcement interval.

          It is also possible that the agent has been failing to contact the ePO server ever since the client was put into managed mode, and as such, the agent enforces the default policy within each module.


          Am I not mistaken to presume that when you change any "rule" (whatever you mean by that), they are saved but later on you find that the rules reverted  to their previous settings?





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            Thank you for your answer.

            And yes,after I change the rules(access protection or unwanted programs policy )and save it , I find my change  revert to the default setting.I have check the win Registry,I find the mcafee settings in the Registry is also reverted to the default setting.


            You said the reason may be due to mcafee agent.But my mcafee can update ,how can i do ?Thank you vary much!

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              Attila Polinger

              Are you an enterprise user with a computer that your company has given to you?

              Or are you a home user with a computer used to serve in a company before you got it?


              If the first case is true, the phenomenon you are seeing is partly normal. In an enterprise environment, the antivirus software policy (i.e. settings) is centrally managed and enforced. This is accomplished by an agent of the management system (McAfee Agent).

              What seems abnormal about it, though, that when it enforces the centrally configured policy, that policy looks like the default VirusScan policy. This could be because of two things: 1) the McAfee Agent has never succeeded to connect to the centeral management server and thus enforces the default policy that it has, 2) settings identical to the default VirusScan settings are defined centrally, and thus those are enforced.

              If you confirm this scenario wil will continue later.


              (If the second case is true, then we will also continue as soon as you confirm that.)


              The ability to update and the function to enforce (central) policy is two different things. One can function even if the other fails (when both fail is a rare thing, but theoretically is possible).



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