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    Question about quarantined files

      My mcafee expired (Security Center 10.5.195) and I cannot seem to access some important quarantined files. Do I need to renew my subscription just to access them? I am a bit busy right now so PM if you need more information.


      My apologies if this thread was created in the wrong section; this site does not work like most forums.



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          Moved this provisionally to VirusScan 14 - 2010.


          Are these files quarantined in error or what?   If so check here what to do:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016


          Otherwise Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

          Click navigation (top right)

          Click Quarantined and Trusted Items


          They should be listed there in one of the 3 sections which you can click to expand.  They are encrypted in that section so will no longer be visible to any Windows search.


          It shouldn't make a difference whether or not your subscription is expired, however, if it has I strongly recommend renewing or removing the software altogether.



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            Hey Brit,

            Speaking of quarantined files...

            I've just read via McA links that if you have a quarantined file, in this case a FakeVirus trojan, and it can't be removed by the removal tool, on XP systems one can stop the System Restore, reboot and then remove the quarantined trojan because McA will be able to acces the corrupt files/registry keys, etc., from the restore points. That makes sense, if I'm correctly paraphrasing.


            My question is, if you turn off System Restore and reboot, after you're done deleting the quarantined file, and then System Restore is again turned on and you reboot, have you lost all the restore points or are the restore points maintained with the trojan files deleted?


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              Turn of System Restore and all those restore points are gone for good.

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                I know how to access the quarentined files; what I mean is Mcafee will not let me do anything but renew my subscription therefore also locking me out of quarentined files. Once I click navigation everything is grayed out and I cannot click any of it.

                You would think you could sue for demanding payment to access files like this...Or maybe I am just missing something, idk


                Is there any program that can decrypt them or is the incryption key public?



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                  They shouldn't be greyed out.  Are you signed in as a Limited User by any chance?


                  You need to be signed in as an Administrative-level user to access them.


                  This can also happen if you are using Registry Cleaners/Optimizers as they are pretty-well guaranteed to remove essential files along with the ones they are supposed to concentrate on.


                  If you recently used one see if it has a restore button.


                  I suggest you contact Technical Support Chat linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.



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                    I contacted techincal support for a while and they finally came to the conclusion that I need to renew to view the files. I asked whether or not they could tell me the encryption key so I could just make a script to decrypt them and they would not tell me. Does anyone have a solution on how to restore my files without having to pay? This seriously is very malicious sounding and I can probably sue them for virtual theft.

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                      The only suggestion I have is to download and install over the top of your current expired software either a free trial of the same software or the Beta Total Protection package.


                      That should theoretically pickup the old stored files and settings.


                      The only way you are going to access those files is to have activated software.


                      I can't guarantee it will work, however.


                      If the license on McAfee software expires so does the use of it unfortunately.



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